half life

Half Life

At ten years old, Oliver and Kelly are best of friends.  Ashamed that he can’t help Kelly stand up to her cruel father, Oliver promises that he will at least always be with her.  Years later, that promise has taken on a momentum of its own and Oliver, now in his last semester of college, finds himself engaged to Kelly out of a sense of duty.  He’s trapped. As his last semester begins, he meets Dawn, a free spirit, and they fall madly in love.  On the day of graduation he has to make a decision – keep his promise to Kelly or follow his heart with Dawn. Seven years later, Ollie is living an idyllic life with Dawn until he starts having dark dreams of another life – a life in which he chose to stay with Kelly and let Dawn go – a life in which he is still named ‘Oliver’. In Ollie’s waking life, strange things start happening – a note on his doorstep, seashells buried in his garden, a shadow outside his window. Ollie’s mind begins to unravel as his dreams of Oliver and Kelly get more violent and the events around him grow more threatening.  Oliver seems to be possessing Ollie and threatening to take the life he should have had.